Partnership with Emergency Food Network

Following our one year anniversary as a functional food bank, we have been enabled to establish a relationship with the Emergency Food Network. The EFN is Pierce County’s distributer for food banks and homeless shelters. They provide 15 million pounds of food each year to over 60 food banks and shelters for low-income families and individuals. They often receive cast-away or leftover goods from large corporations, like Fred Meyer or Safeway, that they can then re-distribute. ENF requires a food bank to be at least one year in operation, so we now fit the bill.

We now go every Friday to collect these banana boxes, which are filled with various non-perishable goods. We also receive perishable foods as well. This past week, we were able to take away 50-lb boxes of potatoes and onions to give away at The Blessing on Saturday.


Here is Kat, our contact with the ENF. She oversees the warehouse operations and volunteers, and she helped us work through the process of becoming partners with their organization. Doug also graciously lets us use the “farm truck” for delivery to TAC.



Here is Dan, another worker at ENF, who helps us pack the boxes of goods and load them into the truck.



We are excited to see how this new partnership will help us grow in the coming year!