Partnership with Savior Alliance

Welcome to Pastor Joon, the new pastor of neighboring Savior Alliance Church. He is excited to join with Tacoma Alliance in support of The Blessing. Several of the ladies of Savior Alliance have volunteered their time and skills to provide free haircuts for our guests at the food bank. The haircuts will be offered for men, women, and children each second Saturday of the month from 11-1 p.m.



After--looks good!

After–looks good!

Pastor Joon

Pastor Joon



Local Orthodontist Office Holds Food Drive

Dr. Knight and his staff held a holiday food drive at their orthodontic office on S. Cedar Street in Tacoma in November. Liz Howell, one of our volunteers, asked them where they were sending the donations, and found that they were still looking for a food bank. They asked her if she knew of one, and Liz suggested The Blessing! They were happy to be able to contribute the donations to our food bank, and we were so encouraged by their generosity.

Thanks so much to our friends at Dr. Knight's office.

Thanks so much to our friends at Dr. Knight’s office.

Stadium High Holds Food Drive

Stadium High School held a very successful food drive for needy school families in December. The students also chose to donate a portion to The Blessing in memory of Paul Snyder, a head volunteer at the food bank and football equipment manager at Stadium. The portion we received was over a thousand pounds of food! Jeff and Jacquie Myers generously volunteered to use their truck to bring the donations to the food bank. The non-perishable items were then placed on the shelves at Tacoma Alliance’s food bank and distributed to our guests.



Pastor Matt’s car was going to need some help with this delivery!



Thanks Stadium! Go Tigers!

Giving Thanks

With the holidays approaching and many families preparing for their Thanksgiving feast, The Blessing was excited to be able to serve those who might not be able to enjoy such a meal. Thanks to our local Fred Meyer, we were able to give away over 300 pounds of turkey and 53 bags of Thanksgiving food, which included sweet corn, fresh green beans, turkey gravy, and cranberry sauce.

Some of our friends at The Blessing

Some of our friends at The Blessing


Our guests were amazed at the amount of turkey and Thanksgiving food we were able to give away.


Many families were able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner thanks to the donations we received.

Local Stores Pitch In

The Blessing has been grateful for the help of local supermarkets for allowing food drives outside their store fronts. The generosity of the store managers and shoppers who purchase an item or two and drop it off on their way out has been astounding. Fred Meyer of James Center allowed a food drive this fall, and the results were incredible.  It has been an encouragement both for the guests at The Blessing and the volunteers.

We are grateful for the generosity of Fred Meyer.

We are grateful for the generosity of Fred Meyer.

Thanks to some of our volunteers: Bryce Asberg, Addie Bush, and Derek ____.

Thanks to some of our volunteers: Bryce Asberg, Addie Bush, and Derek Matney.


In Memory of Paul

Paul Snyder, a main supporter and volunteer at The Blessing and member of Tacoma Alliance, passed away Oct. 4. Paul is remembered for his contribution to The Blessing, providing security and preparation for each week, as well as whatever else was needed. He would often do behind-the-scenes work that kept the food bank operational, and without him the job could have never been done. Tacoma Alliance misses him dearly, and our prayers are with his wife, Verna, and their family.

Paul Snyder June 22, 1945-Oct. 4, 2013

Paul Snyder June 22, 1945-Oct. 4, 2013

At the memorial service held at Tacoma Alliance, the sanctuary was filled to capacity with those who were influenced by Paul during his life. Paul was the football equipment manager at Stadium High School, and the entire team came to honor his memory.


The Stadium team also honored Paul by having a moment of silence during their homecoming game the next weekend. They encouraged fans to bring food items for The Blessing and support the ministry that Paul was involved in. It was amazing to see the love for Paul shown through so many donations.

Items collected from Stadium High School's food drive in honor of Paul

Items collected from Stadium High School’s food drive in honor of Paul

Green Cuisine: A Blessing

Wondering how you can get involved with The Blessing?

Here is Darlene Mohn, who, with her husband Dan, decided to get creative! The Mohns enjoy growing fresh produce in their own backyard, and generously agreed to share the green beans sprouting in their two 7 x 2.5 ft. raised garden beds. Everyone enjoys the fresh harvest that Darlene brings in twice a week.

Thanks, Darlene!


New Store, Big Blessings

We are excited to announce a partnership with the newly-opened Walmart on Union Street. When they heard about the Blessing, they agreed to allow us to set up a table and have a food drive right outside the store! This partnership will continue monthly, and the first one was a big success. We are encouraged by the generosity of the people of Tacoma and how we see God working in our community.


Here is a new friend we met during the food drive!

Some new friends we met during the food drive!

WP_20130810_001Our volunteers with the “Top Ten” items flyer. Many shoppers were generous and agreed to donate an item or two (or several!) for the food drive.


Top Ten

Many times people will ask what are our top needs at the food bank.  After watching what goes out the door the most, here is our list of our top ten requests:

  • Cereal
  • Canned Fruit
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Spaghetti Sauce
  • Canned Tuna
  • Peanut Butter
  • Hamburger Helper
  • Eggs
  • Soup

These food items may be dropped off at Tacoma Alliance Church throughout the week (except Fridays).  Please call 253.566.8782 to make arrangements. Or, bring them by the food bank on Saturday from 10 AM – 1 PM.  Thanks!

Get Involved

Wondering how you can help The Blessing? There are three main ways we receive donations from the community:

1) Personal Donations

We have a red bucket donation center inside the church lobby for non-perishable goods. Many people have committed to bringing one or two kinds of food each week to help stock the shelves. This is our main source of donations (check out our Top Ten post).


2) Corporate Assistance

We have been fortunate to be able to partner with some community businesses to support our food bank. Our local James Center Fred Meyer recently allowed us to hold a food drive outside the store and accept donations from shoppers. Fred Meyer was very encouraging and supportive of our mission.


3) Community Food Networks

We have been blessed by being able to offer perishable goods–such as fresh bread and produce–through a partnership with Faith Harvest Helpers located in Yelm, WA. Each week, a team from Tacoma Alliance collects extra produce and baked goods from local farmers and bakers to offer at The Blessing. We are very thankful to be in a partnership with the Faith Harvest Helpers.


Wondering how you can get involved? See the Support page to see how you can help!