The Blessing Welcomes Full-Time Manager

FullSizeRenderSue Muschanow has been volunteering at The Blessing since it opened two years ago. She loves serving the people of Tacoma through organizing donations and working with community partners. Recently, she moved into a full-time volunteer position as the head manager. She is excited to devote more time and energy to meeting needs in our community.

How long have you been volunteering full-time at The Blessing?

“It’s been since February… I just started doing more and more and it was a gradual taking on more and more.”

 What has the transition has been like for you?

“It was so gradual, I didn’t even really notice it. Being able to say, ‘I’m doing this full-time’ was good…and now I can focus completely on this and not have to deal with worrying about another job or other things. I can adjust my schedule as I need to rather than having to work around another job.”

Do you enjoy being able to organize the volunteers and donations for the Blessing for each week?

“When we first started, our philosophy was: God provides the food, God provides the people that need the food, and he provides the volunteers. Every week I pray that I’ll have enough food and volunteers, and every week I do.”

Can you describe the process of coming on full-time?

“I’m a missionary to Tacoma, and I’m raising support on my own. I’m using the food bank as an ‘in’ to the [local] churches… We’ve come across a new plan of setting up bins in their lobby to collect food for the Blessing, and we will leave brochures. As they see those, it gives me more of an ‘in’. And the Lord’s providing. I’m not hurting for money at this point. The Lord’s providing what I need.”

How have you seen God working as your provider through this process?

“Just amazing—especially the support of the volunteers showing up. A lot of it’s the same people, but some of them are new people, coming in and being interested. I feel like the Lord’s going to provide the people he wants here. And they’re learning, too. Their faith is growing by watching things happen. It’s an interesting process—[we] pray for someone and have them come back and say their prayer was answered.”

 How can we support you in your full-time ministry?

“Definitely prayer. That’s the biggest thing—is making sure that we have people who are praying for what’s going on. [And] donating—we’re going to try to do an item-focused “Blessing Week” every month at church. The third week of this month, we’re asking everyone to bring a box of pasta. If you’ve got extra stuff, just bring it. And come out and see what we’re doing. Come and see how much fun it really is.”

To learn how to support Sue, visit out support page. She can be reached on her cell phone at 253-678-7826.

One thought on “The Blessing Welcomes Full-Time Manager

  1. I volunteer at the food bank on Saturdays. I love Pastor Matt and Sue. Actually everyone at the food bank who volunteer including the ladies who cut hair. It is a blessing and an honor to be at the Blessing food bank on Saturdays. I just want everyone to know how grateful.


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