Stories of Hope: David

Here's David with his box of cereal.

Here’s David with his box of cereal.

Saturday mornings are always busy at the Blessing, but this last December weekend was especially full—a record of about 71 families were served.

In the midst of volunteers and guests bustling around preparing for opening, David, one of the Blessing’s regulars, sits patiently. He waits with his wife and cousin, and teases one of the volunteers as she walks past to fill the coffee machine. His cheerful smile is seen at the food bank each week, and his upbeat attitude hides the fact that he is struggling to make ends meet for his family of five.

He’s just happy to be here.

When Pastor Matt greets the overflowing room of guests, asking who would be willing to be featured on the Blessing blog, David is the first to raise his hand. He tells everyone who’ll listen how thankful he is for what he receives each week. I had a chance to talk with him about his experience coming to the Blessing and the reason for his contagiously positive attitude.

What are your impressions of the Blessing when you walk in the door each week?

“It’s very family-feeling. We can all talk to each other. This nice lady talks to me sometimes,” he laughs and gestures to Janet Wendland, one of the volunteers. “This lady gets me coffee sometimes. You know, we’re all nice to each other. It’s very kind here.”

What’s the best item you’ve received?

“Well, everything’s a blessing,” David’s wife butts in, giving him a teasing look.
“Well yeah!” he continues, “but cereal, cereal’s expensive…and I didn’t have cereal for years.”

How have you personally been blessed by coming each week?

“I’m able to feed my family, that’s one thing,” he says, “and I get prayer every week, and it seems to get me through the week, especially for my health concerns…everybody that works here and volunteers is very helpful and kind, and kindness is sometimes very important to some people. When people are kind to me, I feel warm.”

Would you recommend the Blessing to a friend in need?

“I already have!” he says. He recommended the food bank to both his sister and his cousin, who was also there.

Guests like David have been blessed by all our volunteers and community partners. He is just one of the many faces with a story that come through the doors each week looking for hope. If you are interested in volunteering or supporting the Blessing, check out our support page for opportunities.

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