The Blessing Hosts a Car Show

A big thank you goes out to all who contributed to our most recent event! We hosted a car show, sponsored by Dr. Doug’s House of Hot Rods. Contestants were awarded prizes, and we provided the food and a free concert. We asked for food donations in exchange for a place in the car show, and are thankful to the many volunteers who gave their time and efforts to make the event a success.

We hoped to raise $2000 from the show to purchase a used cooler, which would allow us to keep donated perishables fresh and tasty for our food bank guests. Amazingly, we ended up raising over $2500.

We purchased a new 2-door cooler and had it delivered to the food bank. The very same day, we received a phone call from Cheney Stadium. They had a surplus of perishable food and needed a place to give it away, and we were happy to help them out!

We are ecstatic that God not only provided the funds to purchase a new cooler, but also immediately filled it with food for our guests.

We advertised the show in the neighborhood to invite people to show off their cars:

WP_20140712_008 1
Here is Dr. Doug at his House of Hot Rods, who sponsored the show:
This snazzy ride was the People’s Choice winner:
Here is the lineup of the other award-winning cars:
We are grateful to all who brought donations for the food bank!
Here is our new cooler, purchased with the funds donated at the car show.
God provided enough food to fill it right away!