Featured Volunteer: Judy Stickney

imageJudy Stickney has been volunteering at The Blessing since May. She is grateful to be a part of serving the guests that come on Saturdays. Judy routinely acts as a personal shopper, helping guests select items according to the size of their family. At first, she was hesitant to be a personal shopper and volunteered to greet those who came to the door. After being asked to fill the position that was empty, Judy agreed to try it and now does it each time she serves.

“I really enjoy it,” she said.

Judy, like many of the volunteers, is not looking for any thanks. She likes to be part of serving those in need.

“There are a few [guests] who aren’t real sure of it,” she said. “But most of the time they’re real appreciative.”

Judy recalled how being served at The Blessing has allowed each guest to be prayed for.

“There’s some that pray for jobs,” she said. She mentioned one woman who came “asking for prayer so she can bring her mom here from Russia.”

Judy has also recognized how serving has changed her own perspective about those in need, especially people who ask for charity on the street.

“[Those on the street] may show up here,” she said.

Judy is glad to be able to help them if they do.

We are thankful for Judy and all of our volunteers at The Blessing. As Judy has learned, serving will not only benefit those who come to receive food, but also those who take the time to give. Learn more about volunteering on our Support page.

Partnership with Savior Alliance

Welcome to Pastor Joon, the new pastor of neighboring Savior Alliance Church. He is excited to join with Tacoma Alliance in support of The Blessing. Several of the ladies of Savior Alliance have volunteered their time and skills to provide free haircuts for our guests at the food bank. The haircuts will be offered for men, women, and children each second Saturday of the month from 11-1 p.m.



After--looks good!

After–looks good!

Pastor Joon

Pastor Joon



Local Orthodontist Office Holds Food Drive

Dr. Knight and his staff held a holiday food drive at their orthodontic office on S. Cedar Street in Tacoma in November. Liz Howell, one of our volunteers, asked them where they were sending the donations, and found that they were still looking for a food bank. They asked her if she knew of one, and Liz suggested The Blessing! They were happy to be able to contribute the donations to our food bank, and we were so encouraged by their generosity.

Thanks so much to our friends at Dr. Knight's office.

Thanks so much to our friends at Dr. Knight’s office.